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Use one of our beautiful products 
to prevent & cure various diseases, 
maintain your concentration, vitality & body immunity
because rudraksha / jenitri has electrostatic properties 
(scientific research of Dr. Suhas Roy 
& thousands experience of Resi, Sadhus & Sanyasis clan in India 

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Our rudraksha health accessories have been used by :
Bpk. Hidayat Nur Wahid (mantan ketua MPR)
Bpk. Anis Matta (sekjen PKS)
Bpk. Thukul Arwana Reynaldi (celebrity)

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  • Other name : Jenitri (Indonesia, Java), Elaeocarpus ganitrus Roxb. (Binomial name)
  • Rudraksha is a natural bead from seeds shell of mature fruit of rudraksha or Jenitri tree
  • In Indonesia it has generally used as "tasbih" & traditional herbal for various diseases & herbal pestisides. 
  • In India country it has been use as accessories, religious & health items for thousands years especially by Sadhus, Reshi & Sanyasis ordo to prevent & cure various diseases. It named Rudraksha Because of its extraordinary benefits, rudraksha honored very high there. Now in modern age it is also used for oil & mill for pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Rudraksha is very strong, hard, durable
  • Rudraksha is very aesthetic, comfortable & healing as accessories

Rudraksha is very very useful for health because :

Only by using rudraksha beads near the body (in pocket or as accessories : necklace, bracelet, earring, cap, fashion etc) can stimulate & regulate our nervous system for our health benefits (help prevent & cure various diseases & pains). Simply they works like necklace magnet. And it is no myth & no suggestion but from scientific research.
Many researches have done by scientists. One of popular research is written by Dr. Suhas Roy from Indian Institute of Tecnology in Banaras. In essence, rudraksha flow electrons, similar to the magnets they transmit subtle electrons and inductive impulses  to give effect named "Relaxation Responses". When they put near the body, they distribute ions to stabilizele nervous system & body organs. In addition to help ward off free radicals causing cancer, premature aging, rudraksha also can maintain a healthy body, prevent and treat various diseases such as heart / cardiovascular, low / hipertension, headaches,stress, produce feelings of calm etc. Electrostatis is a property like a plastic rule that can attack little cut paper / hair edge when it is rubbed on skin before.

God is Great that provides anything from nature
So let's use it!

Accupressure, Accupuncture or Massage make our body health & refresh
Its hard bead with rough surface is useful for Accupressure / Accupuncture / Massage tool. By Squeezing / rolling / pressing the rudraksha health items on body (accupoints) also can stimulate & regulate our nervous system for our health (stroke, arthritis, rheumatism, headaches, maintain sharp memory, etc) & refresh our body from pain, tired, exhausted.
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Rudraksha / jenitri tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus Roxb) is a tropical tree with 20-30 meters heights. Its thrunk tends upright with regular & radial branches. It has exotic blue fruits & red leaves before the fall. Jenitri for rudraksha name in Indonesia is a rare plants that found in little parts of Indonesian, India & Nepals. We also commit to preserve them particularly in Magelang where world Heritage Borobudur Temple lies. Rudraksha tree has many benefits for : pollutant sucker, shade page/road & ornamental plants with / without pot.Jenitri wood is light & its fibre is smooth so suitable for  handicrafts, furnitures, plywoods and building materials. Flowers, fruits & leaves can be used as raw material of pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries. MORE..........