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King Rudraksha is a company that care of resourches & variousity of Indonesia country that like strands of equator emerald. Many natural resourches that have been unused yet as rudraksha for example. It sounds very bad because really Indonesia is biggest rudraksha producer & supplyer of 70% world rudraksha consumption , but only get very-very small national  income. It is happened because rudraksha beads is exported as raw materials. It will be better if the beads is exported as rudraksha mill, oil for pharmaceautical, cosmetic industry etc, or as very aesthetic handycrafts. The worst things is more than 90% indonesia people have not know & understand " what is rudraksha? Even its benefits

Since Pebruary 14th 2010 we try to maximize amazing potention or rudraksha beads especially in handycrafts & artworks. Before rudraksha handycrafts is only as tasbih, mala, necklace, bracelets. & they can not competite with equal items from other raw material from nature or fabrications that seem more deluxe, modern & cheaper because of good advertisement & marketing system. No more innovations, creatifity from the makers. Really rudraksha beads have many benefits that  do not have by others like the unique, aestherticity, naturality & healing properties, also the strength & durability. Using our ability in innovation & creatifity we have been being producing many handycrafts & artworks born. They have maximum additional values that is not only beautiful & durable but competitive face global market & multifunctions for health, religious items, warehouse & other jewelerry & accessories

We produce King Rudraksha, Lord Shiva, Buddha Crown, Dome cap, Udheng (Balinese traditional cap)
Also Accupressure Ball, Accupressure stick, Mat, Lampoon, Blinds & Vitrages, Tasbihs, Malas, Necklaces, Bracelets, Ox, Elephant, Turtle beads stands, Keychains, Bags and more various artwork will be born from our creatifity. Praice the Lord we are in the right time when technologies & informations always support, in right place because Indonesia especially Java island is heaven of rudraksha also right ability in design & marketing.
We are pioneer, We are innovator & God will : We are the best

Constructive feedback is needed to be better & better.


Imam Suhadak
The King Rudraksha